About Merkrete


Since 1971, Merkrete has successfully provided over one billion square feet of tile and stone installation systems. Merkrete has become one of the tile market's most respected brands for innovation, technical knowledge, and unique products for commercial and residential installations.


Bottom to top, we've got you covered. From underlayment materials to grouts, Merkrete offers one of the most complete and diversified product lines in the business. Behind every Merkrete product is revolutionary research, groundbreaking development, and an unsurpassed commitment to quality, customer service, technical assistance, and green innovations.


Among Merkrete's innovations are:

  • DLT Dustless Technology, which produces approximately 80% less dust than ordinary thin sets designed to improve indoor air quality.
  • Mold Shield Technology, which provides product protection in select Merkrete products from mold and mildew.
  • Rapid Setting Technology, which offers early strength, excellent workability, fast curing, and excellent durability.

You can always trust Merkrete to have what you need for any tile and stone installation.