Why Merkrete?


Since 1971, Merkrete has successfully provided over one billion square feet of tile and stone installation systems. Merkrete has become one of the tile market’s most respected brands for innovation, technical knowledge and unique products for commercial and residential installations.



Bottom to top, we’ve got you covered. From underlayment material to grouts, Merkrete products form one of the most complete and diversified tile and stone installation solutions in the industry.

Surface Preparation:

Merkrete’s patching, self-leveling and underlayment products are specifically designed to prepare and repair surfaces to provide an acceptable foundation for the installation of tile and stone. 

Waterproofing and Crack Isolation:

Composed of low-VOC modified elastomeric copolymers, Merkrete’s Hydro Guard membranes are 100 percent waterproof and limit the transfer of substrate cracks to the finished tile or stone surface. Merkrete’s Fracture Guard products are the most recognized and respected crack isolation membrane solutions in the tile and stone industry today.

Mortars and Adhesives:

Merkrete’s full line of polymer-modified Portland-cement mortars and adhesives is formulated for a wide variety of applications such as large and heavy tile, rapid-setting installations and more.


Merkrete offers several types of grouts, from traditional Portland-cement products to 100-percent-solids epoxy. With a vast array of today’s colors and innovations such as DUSTLESS and Slake-Free technologies, Merkrete’s grout family has emerged as one of the industry’s full-line solutions for any type of grouting job.


Merkrete additives are designed to improve the performance of Merkrete products. Merkrete additives offer decreased setting times, stronger bond strengths and enhancing surface treatments.


Merkrete provides product and system warranties that guarantee your installation for up to a lifetime. Our comprehensive warranties provide the peace of mind that professionals and end-users trust and deserve.



Behind every Merkrete product is revolutionary research, groundbreaking development and unsurpassed commitment to quality, customer service, technical assistance and green innovations.



Merkrete, a division of ParexGroup, is a global company that is highly invested in Research and Development. Throughout several R&D facilities worldwide, key employees are involved in the development of new technologies and product
innovations, providing our customers with state-of-the-art installation solutions throughout the building products industry. Additional efforts focus on green initiatives and environmentally sustainable solutions. Continuously on the cutting
edge of innovation, Merkrete has produced such innovations as:
• DLT – Dustless Technology produces significantly less dust than ordinary thin sets to improve indoor air quality, promote cleaner working conditions and reduce mess.
• Mold Shield technology protects select Merkrete products from mold and mildew.
• Slake-Free technology ensures mortars and grouts are ready to use after a single mix for substantial time savings.
• Rapid-Setting technology offers early strength, excellent workability, fast curing, and excellent durability to Merkrete’s fast-setting line of products.