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Continuing Education programs

Parex USA is proud to be a recognized Provider of continuing education courses for the Design & Construction community. Our program offers valuable information on a wide variety of topics related to building envelope design and construction.

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  • Energy Efficient Cladding Solutions (EIFS)
  • Stucco Assemblies
  • Water-Resistive Barriers (WRBs)
  • Tile Setting Materials
  • Waterproofing & Crack-Isolation Materials
  • Fundamentals of Wall Assembly Design
  • Adhered Masonry Veneer Systems (MVS)



our programs

  • CI

    Understanding CI with Drainage

    Learn the facts about CI with Drainage. In this seminar you will learn to recognize the circumstances that have precipitated the popularity of CI with drainage, define the basic components of these systems, consider the benefits and limitations of CI with drainage, assess the code changes that have a bearing on CI specifications, consider the types of CI with drainage available, and understand how CI contributes to responsible, sustainable design.

    • Course #: 19DRAIN | 009000077552
    • Applicable Credits: AIA 1 LU|HSW; GBCI 1CE

    CI and Building Codes

    Understand how CI Systems are approved by major and local code bodies. Learn which code bodies require specific fire tests. Examine the various fire tests that are used to evaluate CI, what they measure, and their pass/fail criteria.

    • Course #: 19CODES
    • Applicable Credits: AIA 1 LU|HSW

    Building Trust Into Your CI System

    A general review of CI Systems. This seminar covers the history of development within the U.S. market, the basic components and funcitons of CI systems, and reviews the key benefits these systems offer in building envelope design. The different types of systems and their component are analyzed, along with a review of their details to promote an understanding of the fundamentals of a good CI design. Codes and test methods are discussed along with key performance specification considerations that can help you design a "trustworthy" high performance CI System.

    • Course #: 19EIFS
    • Applicable Credits: AIA 1 LU|HSW
  • Stucco Assemblies

    Stucco Overview for the Architectural Specifier

    A basic review of traditional stucco cladding and proper detailing. In this seminar you will cover the basic components of stucco assemblies, including lath and accessories, acceptable substrates, proper installation methods and details, limitations and benefits of stucco assemblies, and various types of stucco finishes currently available. Building code standards that drive stucco specifications will also be reviewed, as well as the proper application methods for secondary water-resistive barriers.

    • Course #: 6STUCO | 90010007
    • Applicable Credits: AIA 1 LU|HSW; GBCI 1CE
  • Fundamentals of Wall Assembly Design

    Understanding Weather-Resistive Barriers

    This seminar provides an understanding of the fundamentals of weather-resistive barriers (WRBs), and reviews key concepts relating to effective wall assembly design using WRBs. Other important topics discussed include: the importance of proper material selection & placement within the wall assembly, code classifications, testing methods, important regulations & building codes, proper application & detailing, inspection considerations, and how WRBs contribute to energy efficient, sustainable design.

    • Course #: 17WRB | 90010010
    • Applicable Credits: AIA 1 LU|HSW; GBCI 1CE
  • Tile Setting Materials & Membranes

    Specifying Successful Ceramic Tile Installation, Beyond TCNA & ANSI

    Learn how to properly specify a successful installation of ceramic and stone tiles. The focus of the program will be on industry standards, i.e., TCA (Tile Council of North America) and ANSI (American National Standard for Installation of Ceramic Tile); changes in and review of important TCNA and ANSI standards, changes in the 2011 TCNA Handbook, important definitions, and important concepts and trends you should be aware of to ensure a successful installation.

    • Course #: 19D201; CC-101299-1000
    • Applicable Credits: AIA 1 LU|HSW; IDCEC/CCIDC .1 CEU

    Crack Isolation & Waterproofing Membranes for Tile Installations

    This program reviews the fundamentals of proper usage of crack isolation membranes and waterproofing membranes for interior & exterior tile installations. It reviews key concepts regarding moisture concerns, e.g., hydrostatic pressure and efflorescence, as well as substrate considerations, proper flashing, and the fundamentals of detailing successful tile installations.

    • Course #: 19MK203
    • Applicable Credits: AIA 1 LU|HSW